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The International Paris Air Show: An Agenda Of Innovation

Accenture is proud to be a major sponsor of the 53rd International Paris Air Show, 17 to 23 June 2019 at Le Bourget Parc des Expositions. Accenture will be showcased in the air, returning to this biennale event as the trade flying display exclusive sponsor.

On the ground, Accenture’s most experienced aerospace and defense industry leaders will be on hand to share our latest research findings, discuss competitive challenges, explore industry growth opportunities, and demonstrate the latest technology and digital innovations at the VIP Chalet n°33, adjacent to the main runway, from Monday June 17 to Wednesday June 19 between 8:30 and 18:00.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Transforming The Future Of Aerospace And Defense: An Accenture Technology Showcase

For the first time, Accenture will be showcasing an integrated set of solutions from immersive training up to smart supply chain and manufacturing through engineering data digitization. Experience the future of Aerospace and Defense leveraging advanced technologies to reinvent products and services, accelerate operational efficiency and enterprise-wide growth, and build a truly digital workforce. Contact us to schedule an appointment in the Accenture VIP Chalet N°33 from Monday, June 17 to Wednesday, June 19 from 8:30 to 18:00.

Accenture will be featuring four demonstrations:

Virtual and augmented reality can improve one’s training experience, and this simulation shows how the technology works for assembling aircraft panels and harnesses. An immersive learning environment through AR and VR can upskill a workforce faster, while reducing costs.

On the shop floor, connected devices benefit manufacturing operations by providing real-time information to workers, like assembly instructions, detecting non-conformity errors and related actions to correct them, and automatic recording of data throughout the manufacturing operations cycle. Manufacturers realize benefits like reduced risk and costs from non-conformity errors.

Having a full view of all suppliers and items in a supply chain is critical for productivity and execution of aircraft. Accenture’s Supply Chain Control Tower solution takes real-time insights to shift the supply chain from a just a method of fulfilling orders to a vehicle for sensing and shaping demand—and expand its capabilities from simply minimizing costs to also driving the top line.

Accenture’s Engineering Data Digitization (EDD) is an AI-powered solution for digitizing complex engineering documents. The solution scans engineering documents and uses advanced machine learning for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of engineering symbols, drawings and words. The result is dramatically reduced pricing per digitalized engineering document and faster digitalization of engineering documents.

Paris Air Show: "Stories to Watch" In 2019

The "Stories to Watch" at the Paris Air Show this June will focus on the industry’s growth outlook and solutions to some of the industry’s most vexing problems: maintaining competitive advantage; embracing digital disruption; engaging customers; and retaining valuable staff. Following are stories you’re likely to encounter at the show:

  1. The Commercial Aerospace outlook keeps flying in 2019

    Increasing MRO demand, low fuel prices and strong aircraft deliveries are driving the commercial market. Alongside this growth, there is increased interest among aerospace executives in intelligent solutions, such as predictive analytics platforms, digital records management, reliability analysis and AR/VR solutions, that promise to improve operator ROI.

  2. Aerospace and Defense gets smarter with artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting the industry in its ability to augment advanced safety features in aircraft, enable the workforce to offload repetitive tasks, and enhance real-time responses to customer issues and complaints, among other benefits. The workforce must work alongside machines to be successful.

  3. May the “work” force be with you

    There’s general optimism among aerospace and defense leaders about the impact of new technologies on the future of the industry. It can help place people in the right roles, improve productivity and performance, and support employee engagement and development.

  4. Survival of the digital fittest

    Aerospace and defense players need to digitally reinvent themselves to survive. Without a digital presence, it’s easy to be lost in a sea of fast-moving players. Digital high performers see greater success in areas like revenue growth, new customer acquisition, and future value.

  5. Up close and personal – Accenture’s Digital Showcase

    Experience onsite with Accenture the latest digital technology trends and offerings that are transforming the aerospace and defense industry. Get a feel for the types of DARQ technologies industry executives are experimenting with – Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing.

Stories to Watch at the International Paris Air Show 2019

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New Horizons

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We invite you to meet us and access our Digital and Technology Showcase at the Accenture VIP Chalet N°33 from Monday, June 17 to Wednesday, June 19 from 8:30 to 18:00.

To ensure the availability of the relevant Accenture Aerospace and Defense industry experts, advance appointments are required.

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